Posted on April 15, 2012

AUTOTEXTBACKUP is very important for your blackberry .

The main function of AutoText Backup is backup and restore AutoText on device.

As we know that autotext on OS6 and higher can’t be backup using Desktop Manager (DM) . But with this application can backup your autotext manually and save it on the MEDIACARD.

This application was develop by Tsungsoft.

You can Download it now for your Blackberry

v2.5 ChangeLog

- fix cannot backup when encryption mode was on

- now can backup and restore from device memory

- able to share backup file to contacts dont have same application

- online activation only

- fix server activation issue

v2.0 ChangeLog

- New user interface

- New restore selection menu ( backup file MUST be on root folder named atb to be list)

- Add how to buy menu

- Add share backup files to friends using the same application

- Add send invitation to friends

- Now with BBM support

- Now can backup autotext without have to unlock pro version

v1.6 ChangeLog

- fix autotext merge function

- support other input language

- new backup file format(on v1.6 can restore all backup file. other release cant restore backup file from v1.6)

- now can restore more than 2000 autotext

- adding website link on about screen. just click the autotextbackup logo

- removing auto check for update and adding check update on the menu

- fix network connection

v1.2 ChangeLog

- another fix for autotext

- change backup name from AutoTextBackup…. to ATB….

- 4 autotext cant be delete(ftp, https, www, html) — fixed

- add merge function

v1.1 ChangeLog

- removing nag screen

- adding menu item for send feedback

- another fix for autotext backup ( hope this fix it all )

- automatic check for update

v1.0 ChangeLog

- add progres bar for delete, backup and restore

- backup file was store on media card folder atb and the file extension change to atb. dont wanna confuse with other file using dat too. backup file was create by date and time exp : AutotextBacup22-05-2011_14-37-35.atb

- can select backup file that want to be restore

- to close the app select exit on blackberry menu

v0.7 ChangeLog

- the very early version. got a lot of bugs



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